Hi, Everyone! I am Abhishek Patel and welcome to my blog.

I have started blogging to share my technical experience to other creatures leaving in technology world. I love to learn new technologies and teach them too because I believe

If you want to learn something then read it, if you want to understand it then write it and if you want to master in it then teach it.

I am working as Technical Leader. I believe in continuous learning and so I learn new technical things, experiment it, program it and put it in my blog.

I will concentrate on publishing unique, relevant and quality content which makes developer’s life easy in software world.

Primarily I want to write about real world problems and its solution. I write blogs about Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Unit Testing, Maven, Web Services, Micro services,  NoSQL database, Machine learning, Data structure , Algorithms etc.The list will keep increasing with new trending technologies and my continuous learning.

Apart from technical things, I am playing keyboard(still learning…) and love traveling.

Happy blogging !!